Tech Tribes now also offers 24/7 Open Source Support in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, - October 4, 2023 - Tech Tribes, the collective of 700 digital experts in the Benelux, now also provides 24/7 Open Source Support in the Netherlands through the addition of Kangaroot NL.

Kangaroot NL has been established as a collaboration between HCS Company and Kangaroot, the Belgian Open Source service provider, with the aim of expanding HCS Company's existing portfolio with additional services such as 24/7 Support, Managed Services and delivering Enterprise Open Source software subscriptions from software vendors such as Red Hat, Elastic, EDB and NGINX, ....

Peter Dens, Managing Partner Kangaroot: "The combination of our years of experience in Belgium and HCS Company's digital expertise and customer relationships in the Netherlands makes us a welcome guest in the world of Open Source in the Netherlands. Kangaroot NL provides 24/7 Support, uses an innovative and affordable model that is customized for each customer. We guarantee 15 minutes response time in the process."


In addition to 24/7 Support and subscriptions for Enterprise Open Source, Kangaroot NL also offers Managed Services. Open Source environments are systematically mapped and controlled transferred to Kangaroot NL operational teams, supported by knowledge and expertise from all Tribes in the collective. This can be about Red Hat OpenShift or other Kubernetes platforms, Elasticsearch technology, Grafana, OpenStack or classic Linux server environments.

Marko Seunninga, Managing Partner Tech Tribes in the Netherlands said,

"Kangaroot NL is a perfect complement to the services and ambitions in the Netherlands. Together, Axxes Netherlands, HCS Company, Xifeo and Kangaroot form a strong collective. We see our no-nonsense approach and deployment of Open Source technology as a powerful answer to many of today's struggles. With Kangaroot NL we bring an extra dimension: we are not gone after implementation but remain approachable."

Kangaroot NL will operate from Amsterdam. Interested in engaging with our Tech Tribes? Come along to the Red Hat Summit Connect on October 4 in Utrecht. Hope to see you then!